You're never going to be perfect, and that's perfectly fine

Throughout the different stages of me trying to figure out what the first blog of SpacedOUT Productions will talk about, I realized one very important thing - that I had absolutely no clue. Well, we do some designs and stuff, so that would be pretty cool to talk about right? I could speak on typography, something about social media, something about the work process or even something about an existing project that we are currently undertaking. That would work, right?

But what if it didn't? What if my perception of the topic and my ideas were not perfect enough and correct? What if I did not truly know what I was writing about and I was just making a fool of myself? What if it turns out that I'm just wasting my time and not accomplishing anything because I didn't think it was perfect enough for the world to see? Why would I put myself in this situation in the first place?

When that self-doubt hits you, it's like watching a wall you've constructed brick-by-brick suddenly collapse all over you. So, after dusting myself off of the rubble, I decided I needed to cool off in the best way I knew how - with a cup of tea. It was a good cup. Milky enough, strong and with just the right amount of sugar. Tea is a very difficult beverage to get right, mostly because everyone likes it differently. Black, milky, less sugar, extra sugar - preferences really matter. But I really like my way of making tea the best. For me, you could even say, it was perfect.

Perfection is like a cup of tea.

And that's the thing about perfection - it's subjective. What's perfect for me is probably not going to be the same kind of perfect for you, because there is no universal standard of achievable perfection. You can either be right or wrong, but you can't be perfect. How would the creative process thrive if people feared that their work wouldn't be perfect enough? How would I enjoy my tea if it wasn't my kind of perfect?

So now, I write this blog (as I will write all my further blogs) a lot more confidently and imperfectly because I don't want to be perfect. I want to be perfectly me.

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